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Your Pain is in your brain – Faith Clements

Uppdaterat: 16 nov. 2022

Some pain can come from your body, some pain can come from your body and your brain ? and some pain can come from just your brain.

A large percentage of pain that is intermittent can come entirely from you brain!

Pain is created by signals in your brain, it’s your neural circuitry . If you have a broken leg for instance this pain can be constant. If you have had a disc prolapse, or other tissue damage, generally speaking this can heal within a few months.

What we can then get left with is the memory of the pain, and this can be hard to break. Over time, It can manifest as more pain in different body parts and sometimes illness. The list can go on. People can end up getting needless operation after operation to find that the pain is still present or worse.

It’s a human problem that about two thirds of the population can suffer from emotional issus – its just how we are built, and its these emotional issues that can manifest in pain in the body. Movement is one therapy that can help the individual work through this as the brain slowly learns to re-connect to the body in a supported way. It's a process that's unique to the individual and needs careful guidance. It’s a human problem that about two thirds of the population can suffer from emotional issues – its just how we are built.

The Neural circuitry we are made with is remembering the circle of pain it once had – it’s easier for your brain to remember this than to find a new pattern of ease!!

If you are interested to find out more, we recommend the app CURABLE where you can listen to free expert lectures from some of the world’s leading experts on pain psychology and neuroscience.

You may discover that the pain you thought you had is just in your brain..wouldn't that be easier ?

Then you can start to work with this in an entirely different way to feel more grounded and yourself again, and like Pilates training its a process that takes as long as it takes, with patience, self compassion and acceptance.

"The Curable team pulled resources from modern neuroscience to visually depict the stress-related chronic pain cycle".

While neuroscientists are still working to understand all the details of this cycle, this visual can help you grasp the concept on a deeper level.

Download the expanded version of the infographic and share it with the people in your life who could benefit from better understanding chronic pain.

We are working deeply with the ‘MIND BODY CONNECTION’ in our Pilates movement studio at Limhamn Pilates.

Rehabilitation with therapeutic pilates movement is proved to enhance the mind body connection, and Pilates at Limhamn Pilates is no exception.

We guide you with empathy and kindness always with respect for the individual person aside from any ego from the instructor. We believe it’s your journey and we are happy to be present for you in a safe environment where we can guide you.

Give us a call or drop us a line at for a confidential discussion to understand how we can best help you.



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