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Are you an agile person excited about change and passionate to share your knowledge ?

Do you value honest open communication?

Can you book & fill your classes with happy regulars week after week ?

Would you like to work in a studio with visible accountability where there is opportunity to support and be supported by team mates in a positive way ?

Would you like with hard work from you the opportunity of unlimited teaching opportunities and higher pay per hour ?

Can you follow up customer leads by phone and support the booking process?

Are you experienced in exceeding your customers expectation on their results ?

Are you experienced in customer retention?

Do you live in or near Malmö, Sweden ?


Here’s what you get when you work with us:-

Be a valued part of a new studio team that’s invested in the business brand, adaptable and forward thinking where individual growth is valued.

Be part of a team that over communicate and are all accountable and supportive of the whole team and its vision.

To be involved in the process of a developing studio and the opportunity to contribute ideas.


Here’s what we don’t want:-

If you are adaptable, good at listening and respecting the needs of others and love to be a part of a supportive team then we'd love to hear from you.

We are looking for you who can grow and maintain your classes and be a part of the marketing process - its fun, you learn a lot and we together contribute to the community.


If you are interested to work with us, here’s what we would like you to do:-


Record a video of max 5 minutes of you talking and load it unlisted on youtube and send us a link with a covering letter at

  • Tell us why it’s important to work in a place that values open and honest communication ?

  • Tell us the skills & experience you can offer a developing studio ?

  • How willing are you with guidance to call, follow up and book your own customers from leads ?


We are open to new opportunities, Let's connect.

0737 526000

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