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We're a high level of professionals specialised in training from therapeutic to athletic programming

by Faith Clements

We pride ourselves on offering therapeutic training and athletic programming. What does this mean ?

We work with getting customers results from back or neck ache to sports performance.

A lot of customers don't feel great when they first visit us, and we work in some cases 1:1 to understand and progress what they need help with. Usually within 1-3 classes customers can feel a significantly positive progress.

We really try to see the whole person, and that becomes obvious from the way they move even when entering the studio, what they do and don't say and how their whole being responds to the exercises on our supportive equipment.

It's a holistic training session of body and mind, a dance between the two ultimately finding ease and harmony in strength and balanced alignment ."

Our Instructors in some cases have undergone years of education and professional development. Along the way gaining 1000's of hours working with and learning from bodies.

During your class when I am quiet I am observing you move, and its through this observation, I can support you here and there, you do the work, I guide you."

Get back to the source of your discomfort

Your 1:1 individual sessions are where you make the most individual progress as we really look at how we can support your particular body on that day, we give exercises not to fix you but to support what you already have and then the whole body begins to sing a merry song of magic in movement and health.

I feel so very proud and honoured to help our members especially when I observe the personal results and progress they make. I love my job and I also learn a tremendous amount from our customers.

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