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In a gentle way you can shake the world

Uppdaterat: 28 feb. 2023

Where my strong will has taken me - by Faith Clements

It was 2015, I was sat at home having secured 12 months off from my job as a specialist in capital management and legal governance at one of Scandinavia's finest insurance company's and I decided this would be a pivotal year in my career and future life. What I could see was a dark tunnel with a wheel chair fast approaching me at high speed - this was not the road I was prepared to stay on - I am a fast mover with a strong will to make immediate changes when necessary and this was non negotiable!

If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning."

Mahatma Ghandi

I registered on a comprehensive Pilates Instructor education in 2015 as a way to get moving and understand my back pain. This light a passion to continue education and Limhamn Pilates was founded in my basement cellar in Limhamn.

In 2017 we moved into our current location at #hylliesportcenter, one of Malmö's finest Tennis and sports centres. We occupy a calm light studio with a 10m high ceiling. Its here that people discover the joy of improving their posture, finding new muscles and flexibility as well as making new friends. We love to welcome you too. Beginners are always welcome and our classes are of mixed abilities, so you never need worry that you are not good enough or will look silly. Our students focus on their own body regardless of others and that's where the magic can begin.

During your class when I am quiet I am observing you all move, and its through this observation, i can support you here and there, you do the work, I guide you."

Get back to the source of your discomfort

Your Private sessions are where you make the most individual progress as we really look at how we can support your particular body on that day, we give exercises not to fix you but to support what you already have and then the whole body begins to sing a merry song of magic in movement and health.

I feel so very proud and honoured to help our members especially when I observe the personal results and progress they make. I love my job and I also learn a tremendous amount from our members.

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