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Managing a Professional Pilates Studio

Uppdaterat: 2 mars 2023

How do I communicate the huge personal value that Pilates training and teaching has had on my physical and mental health and the impact that has on my daily life ?

It's not an easy task to put into words how what you do has impacted your life. So here I share some of my vision and I hope that I can inspire you too.

Stay Stronger

It’s really important to me that I can help a person feel safe and seen in our classes both groups and private sessions.”

It’s really important to me that I can help a person feel safe and seen in our classes and thats in both groups and private sessions. This I have noticed can spark a real fire inside a person when they are 'seen' and who just gets the fact that when they themselves take the responsibility for their health they get the rewards all the way. It makes me so happy to see people get happy after a class and then arrive for the next class with a huge smile on their face.

As a classic pilates instructor you are inviting me along on your journey to strength, both physical and mental and its a two way relation. You own your movement and I am there to guide you. Its important to me that I can guide you to understand your body and mind yourself in movement so that when you are not in the studio you have the tools yourself to look after your physical and mental health in the long term.

Many people go to an instructor to be 'fixed' and sometimes can't understand why this doesn't happen. It takes patience and understanding from the individual and a lot of work themselves too. it takes you to really begin to listen to yourself and be kind to yourself. In this fast paced stressful world we have to a certain extent forgotten that which we inherently know. As children we moved with ease, we didn't carry the world on our shoulders - but we can re-learn to let go of a lot of that which restricts us physical and mentally that we have accumulated.

To return to your greatest self physically and mentally you must be willing to be open enough to take the responsibility yourself - and thats not always easy, its a journey, it gets uncomfortable as past movement patterns can begin to unwind and this can be as much mental as physical. To be your best you need to be willing to go through this and its not for everyone, but it can be for everybody ;)

It's a journey worth taking.

"Since I started Pilates I observe great differences with my body. Faith has a wonderful approach, she sees the potential in me, motivates to realize my potential and takes care of my well-being at the same time. I can feel that I am stronger now and my posture improved a lot. Thank you Faith for all your support."


The Classic pilates method of training that I choose to teach is an inclusive method which is like a comprehensive manual for the body in movement. As instructors in this method we are trained to assess the individual’s movement patterns and provide the most appropriate training on any given day to help the individual body (and mind) within a set system of exercises on both the Matwork and Reformer. These two forms have a flowing set of exercises that we follow and choose from according to the body in front of us. The other equipment in the studio is where we work with your individual needs and this can look different on different days.

I grew 3 centimetres in the first 6 months of training!

Even when I am out walking the dog I notice patterns in movement and make a quick assessment of how I could help this or that body – it gets really fun." 

I Ilove to work with all ‘bodies’ but in particular the beginner, because to me that’s the most important level of awareness to teach – the basics – the foundation. Once a really strong foundation is achieved, and the time this takes is very individual, the sky is the limit and so is the risk of injury as you have developed your own understanding of your body and posture in movement to manage in all your life activities

Get back to the source of your discomfort

Your Private sessions are where you make the most individual progress as we really look at how we can support your particular body on that day, we give exercises not to fix you but to support what you already have and then the whole body begins to sing a merry song of magic in movement and health.

I feel so very proud and honoured to help our members especially when I observe my beginners a few weeks or months into their training – you can most definitely see I have trained them because they move well and look strong – and they smile a lot before and after class ;) I think my mentors would be so really proud because they know the journey I have taken to get here, its such an honour to be able to learn from one's own students daily


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