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Reduce Back Pain In Just 6 Weeks With Simple Exercises & Lifestyle Changes - Live In Studio
Hyllie Sportcenter Back Pain Pilates Exercise Program

Back Pain Away at Limhamn Pilates Malmö

"Exactly What My Body Needed After Pregnancy
& Birth "

I attended the Mums Sessions with My Baby & Highly Recommend Faith & Her Studio

Are you are looking for a bespoke Pilates Back Pain Exercise Program to get rid of your back pain and give relief from the comfort of your own home ?
We will guide you through a personal back strengthening & stretching exercise program that will address the cause of your back pain.

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If you've struggled with back pain, even if you've tried exercises before, this will help you.

Back pain is complex and any effective program must address 3 key areas: Exercise, Lifestyle & Motivation.

  • Exercise makes your body stronger and more flexible.

  • Lifestyle factors like sleep, stress and diet also affect your resilience and pain sensitivity. These can be key to recovery.

  • Motivation and accountability are what enable you to do the work, even when you feel low or unmotivated. That's what leads to results.

If you've tried exercise but either you didn't stick with it, or it just didn't work, it's probably because you didn't have all 3. 

It might surprise you but combining simple exercises with small but powerful lifestyle adjustments, plus accountability support are all that's needed to move past your back pain.

 "I have been able to start running again, after 20 years of tendinitis".

I have great faith in Pilates. Many thanks to Faith and her work. She is exceptionally knowledgeable in knowing where and what type of strength training I need. She is very good - even in group classes - above all at working to adapt the class to the individual needs of the participants. Because of Faith, I have been able to start running again, after 20 years of tendinitis.

Thank you so much for all you do!


"Which even helped me to run my first 5 k without any stops"

As a beginner, I am so glad to found this wonderful Pilates studio. The exercises are super fun and Faith is a great instructor! Before I started, I expected to be more flexible and relaxed. However, to my surprise I found the exercises also helped me to gain more strength and stability, especially for my back and core. Which even helped me to run my first 5 k without any stops.


"I can feel that I am stronger now" 

"Since I started Pilates I have observed great differences with my body. Faith has a wonderful approach, she sees the potential in me, motivates to realize my potential and takes care of my well-being at the same time. I can feel that I am stronger now and my posture improved a lot. Thank you Faith for all your support."


"I have discovered my body in a new way"

Faith is an excellent Pilates coach with a lot of patience and passion! I like her approach - to listen to your body and do what feels best for you - which can really vary from day to day. Thanks to Faith, I have discovered my body in a new way and feel stronger already after 2 months. I can highly recommend Pilates with Faith.


Hi I'm Faith

I struggled with back pain for 10 years until I eventually learned that pain is influenced by physical exercise as well as other factors like stress, mental health, and sleep.

I've developed a special program for women to help them identify and address the things that are contributing to their pain - and help them live pain free again.

Join My 6 week Live Studio Back Pain Exercise Program 

I've developed a special 6 week program that combines exercise, lifestyle adjustments and accountability so you develop new habits and eliminate your back pain.

I'll help you with simple exercises and small but mighty lifestyle adjustments, plus I'll work with you to set and track goals so you stay on target, and ultimately get back to living pain-free


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