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Pilates Matwork

Pilates matwork is a series of exercises performed on a mat on the floor using your body weight.


The focus on the flow of movements to the core muscles is the same as with the Pilates machines and mat training is a challenging form of training in itself.


Many Pilates experts recommend classes on the mat for beginners, as it focuses on learning to control the muscles during exercise. mat training guides you to regain awareness of your body in motion and strengthens and stabilises your body as you move in all directions.


What to expect during training?

Classes on the mat follow a definite but flowing choreography that uses your body weight as resistance.


We use our classic mats with straps and handles to help you more easily find your deep strength.


The advantages of Pilates mat training are that they can be done anywhere and only with the help of a mat. It's easy to teach in groups, which makes it more affordable. However, as with all other Pilates methods, it is recommended to start with at least one private lesson, in order to understand the techniques and connect with the core muscles in the right way.


When you master the technique, you can train at home in between your studio classes to support your progress.

Check out our matwork exercise list below!


Our Tower classes also combine matwork with Tower exercises.

Pilates Matwork is the ultimate trainng with only your bodyweight.

It's part of the whole system of Classic Pilates and its aim is total freedom of movement on the Mat.

Book a class today and start your journey to strength and freedom in movement!

Classic Pilates Matwork Order 
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