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If you are looking for a bespoke exercise program for lower back pain from the comfort of your own home I will guide you through personal strength and stretch exercises that will address the cause of your back pain

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 "I have been able to start running again, after 20 years of tendinitis".


I have great faith in Pilates. Many thanks to Faith and her work. She is exceptionally knowledgeable in knowing where and what type of strength training I need. She is very good - even in group classes - above all at working to adapt the class to the individual needs of the participants. Because of Faith, I have been able to start running again, after 20 years of tendinitis.

Thank you so much for all you do!


"Which even helped me to run my first 5 k without any stops"
Woman Doctor

As a beginner, I am so glad to found this wonderful Pilates studio. The exercises are super fun and Faith is a great instructor! Before I started, I expected to be more flexible and relaxed. However, to my surprise I found the exercises also helped me to gain more strength and stability, especially for my back and core. Which even helped me to run my first 5 k without any stops.


"I can feel that I am stronger now and my posture improved a lot"

"Since I started Pilates I have observed great differences with my body. Faith has a wonderful approach, she sees the potential in me, motivates to realize my potential and takes care of my well-being at the same time. I can feel that I am stronger now and my posture improved a lot. Thank you Faith for all your support."


"I have discovered my body in a new way and feel stronger already after 2 months"

Faith is an excellent Pilates coach with a lot of patience and passion! I like her approach - to listen to your body and do what feels best for you - which can really vary from day to day. Thanks to Faith, I have discovered my body in a new way and feel stronger already after 2 months. I can highly recommend Pilates with Faith.


6 Week Live Online Back Pain Exercise Program

Even if you've tried other treatments that have not given lasting results

Live in Studio Challenge

  • Does your back pain stop you living life the way you want to ?

  • Do you lack time for self care ?

  • Would you like to reduce back pain and enjoy the activities you love ?

  • Would you like to feel stronger ?

  • Have more body freedom ?

  • And be more confident in your body ?

  • Do you want to end the struggle and feel lighter ?

If you answered yes to any/all of the above then this program can be very successful for you.

Return to your daily activities - walking, loading your groceries into the car, gardening, playing with your kids, biking, swimming, dancing ...

In 6 Week you can expect to:

  • Reduce your back pain by 60%

  • Stop needing afternoon sleeps

  • Lift your groceries with ease

  • Do up your shoes without that horrible back pain

  • Feel stronger

  • Get down to the floor and play with your kids with ease

  • Achieve body freedom

  • Make special memories free of back pain




If you've tried passive treatments like massage, chiropractic, stretching, physical therapy, yoga acupuncture without success.. I have the solution for you.


To successfully reduce back pain it's necessary to have a comprehensive approach that also includes the 3 pillars of:

  • Exercise

  • Accountability & motivational support 

  • Lifestyle adjustments


If you have tried to significantly reduce your back pain before and failed, it's likely one of these very necessary three pillars was missing.

We will create individual strategies for you so you own your self care and can continue to manage a pain free life going forward. Chronic back pain does not need to remain your normal.

We keep you accountable and track your progress all the way.

If there are any day's you can't make it to the studio, we have thought of this and provide you with a personal home video to keep you progressing every day.

Only 4 spaces available

Happy Gardener


Limhamn Pilates offers a unique approach - if you follow all our success steps and don't significantly reduce your back pain by at least 60%, you get to work with us for FREE!


With limited spaces available, register your interest now and start your journey to a pain-free life.

Women Playing Tennis

My name is Faith and since 2015, I have been helping people significantly reduce back pain and once again enjoy daily activities. Chronic back pain need not be your normal way of being.


I know that


  • The principles in this program will change your life. 

  • You will get rapid pain relief

  • You can start to live life to the full.

  • The knowledge you gain will empower you


We work together to create habits to achieve pain-free movements and help get you back to the activities you love doing.  You will discover how to make easy to follow habits and changes to achieve long-term results. 

The great news is:


  1. This course is live in person at our Hyllie Sportcenter Studio, so you can be comfortable in your training environment.

  2. We also have a live online version for you who wants to workout from the comfort of your own home.

  3. You can feel free to move and explore what your body can do.

  4. You don't have to travel anywhere to participate!

To apply for the program - please contact us today.




In my 6 week Live Online Back Pain Exercise Program, you will receive

  • 3 layers of goal-setting

  • motivation support

  • accountability support  - This means showing up and doing the work. If you struggle with motivation to exercise in the past I will help you with consistency, goal setting & result tracking

  • individualised biweekly phone calls.

  • lifestyle support  - It isn't only about exercises, it's also about integrating lifestyle changes into your daily life. Exercise alone often it's not enough to resolve back pain. Other things that can influence your pain includes sleep, metal health, stress, diet, social environment etc. I will help you identified those factors that are relevant for you and set simple behavioral goals to improve those things to effectively eliminate your pain.​​

  • I can help you overcome back pain and achieve feeling strong and pain-free  -

But, I can’t do it for you - You have to do the work.

My job
  • ​is to guide you

  • motivate you

  • encourage you

  • support you

  • and to make it FUN for you


Your job
  • Is to show up and do the work

Here’s the benefits to success inside the Life Online Back Pain Exercise Program:


“Doing the work” means:
  • Collaborate to set goals you’re excited about

  • Attend 2 in-person sessions per week with max 4 people in the group

  • Do 2 x 10-minute home custom simple and easy to follow home workouts per week

  • Send me a photo in the Wix app dedicated group every time you do your home workout

  • In case of emergency home video workout

  • Respond to my communication within 24 hours

  • Make some simple lifestyle changes we’ll agree on together

  • (e.g. going to bed earlier)

This program WILL get you results because of the magic ingredient… consistency! If you’ve tried to overcome your back pain and self care before but struggled.. Probably consistency was the missing ingredient.


Consistency is easier when you have a coach to hold you accountable, and a clear path to success.
I will show you exactly what to do every step of the way.
I’ll help you achieve consistency by
  • Exercise

  • coaching

  • motivating

  • supporting

  • holding you accountable

  • Lifestyle changes

  • creating a habit

  • flexible goal setting

  • making your program fun and easy to follow.


Request more info on the form above

Our programme is unique, if you can answer our application form questions you can be considered for entry

Only 4 spaces available


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