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Yoga Instruktör
Josefin Granö

 ”Josefin’s warm personality in combination with her calm and professional touch always makes me feel completely at ease at her classes."

Josefin began her yoga journey nearly 10 years ago. Already then she fell in love with the way yoga welcomes everyone to the mat, creating a sacred and grounding space to come back to time and time again.


Having tried many different styles, Josefin always returns to vinyasa for the dynamic, free flow of movements as well as to yin for balance and centering. The thought of becoming a yoga teacher developed gradually into a wish to share her passion and moments of body-mind connection on the mat.




200h Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training, Iluma Yoga School


50h Embodied Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Authentic Flow Tribe


”Josefin’s warm personality in combination with her calm and professional touch always makes me feel completely at ease at her classes. She is attentive and makes sure that everyone feels comfortable no matter what their previous experience or level is. With wonderfully planned sequences she always wraps her sessions into beautiful gifts for the day. It's the highlight of the week, leaving me feeling both calm and energized. I can highly recommend Josefin's classes to everyone, no matter where you are on your yoga journey.”Fanny


Yoga is for everyone, something that Josefin passionately incorporates in her classes. She makes sure there are options and adjustments for everyone to feel safe and welcome, making it your own practice


Striving to create an experience of her classes and inspired by nature, especially the ocean, Josefin often weaves in themes and elements to deepen the practice to more than just āsanas. 


Josefin offers both group classes and private sessions, adapted to personal needs and wishes. Josefin teaches both in English and Swedish. 

Private classes:

Personalised for the student and their needs. I will explore together with the student their wellbeing and we will agree on the main goal for our time together. We will make progress being respectful of anyone’s struggle and limitation, with compassion and cultivating awareness.

Yin yoga:

Static practice that focuses on stretching the connective tissue, enhancing flexibility and releasing tensions in body and mind. Poses are held for 3-5 minutes and a deep connection with the breath is developed.

Vinyasa Flow:

Slow flow linking breath and movement, it can be less or more challenging depending on the student’s level. We explore breathing techniques, asanas and always wrap up with a final meditation.


Ingenting att boka just nu. Titta in snart igen.


Dec 11 - Dec 17














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