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Your first steps are to book a personal intro with me here

SAVE 510 SEK for a full movement strength analysis consultation, training, lifestyladvice,

accountability and a cost free condition analysis for only 690kr (total value 1,200kr)!



Included in your visit

I'm looking for local Malmö women over 40 who are looking to dramatically transform their health and eliminate their back pain with my 6 week Back Pain Away Challenge! 

Your first steps are to book a personal intro with me here

For me its important that you as a customer are well and receive the best thougtfull visit.

Its because I start with the foundations with you and your specific problem and obstacle to getting the results you


I include for you a cost free movement and lifestyle analysis to compliment the whole person perspective and identify your difficult or painful points.

Based on the results, I also give you a decision on which type of training class that will fit you best and design this later in a personal training plan.

I aim to provide you an effective and progressive training session to reduce your issue and give you the best possible position to improve.

Included in this I also give you advice and tips on how you can prevent your problem and obstacles  in the longer term

How can you help me ?

The aim of your session is to identify and support what holds your movement ability back to ensure your daily activities life can be pain and obstacle free.

Muscle cramps, stress, faulty or restricted movement patterns childbirth can lead to many different compensations and problems in the body.   

Our body is built to take care of us.

With guidance and support from our specialised unique training you can adopt effective self care techinques and be returned to balance in the body.

The result can be that the body can return to strong normal function and movement health so you can live a life without restrictions.

Do you want to start your journey to a problem free daily life ?

Use your discount and visit for a movement health analysis on the button below and leave your contact information to save our offer!



Your secure point from start to finish


Hello, my name is Faith Clements and I have worked with helping people return to their strongest best selves in Malmö since 2015.

Now it's my goal that just YOU shall lift up your eyes for our unique personal service and for once have a long term strategy to live a life without your problem and obstacles to its solution.

Each session with us is flexible and programmed after your individual body needs.

My goal is to find the best solution so that your health improves with a whole person concept and its why we work with the whole person and not just the problem.

With 7 years study and 7 years practical teaching experience and 100's of happy customers you can be sure you are in good hands.

I look forward to meeting you!




Jackie, Limhamn

 I am a big believer in Pilates all due to Faith and her work. She is exceptional at knowing where and what kind of strengthening I need and is very good, even in group classes, at working to tailor the class to my needs. Because of Faith, I have been able to go back to running after 20 years of tendinitis. Thank you so much for all you do!

 Nurdan, Malmö

"Since I started Pilates I observe great differences with my body. Faith has a wonderful approach, she sees the potential in me, motivates to realize my potential and takes care of my well-being at the same time. I can feel that I am stronger now and my posture improved a lot. Thank you Faith for all your support.

Stephanie, Limhamn

Faith is a great Pilates coach with a lot of patience and passion! I like her approach of listening to your body and do what feels best for you - and it's definitively not the same every day. Thanks to Faith I have discovered my body in a new way and feel stronger in the whole body already after 2 months. I can warmly recommend Pilates with Faith!




* Back pain  -  Lumbago

* Neck pain & neck restrictions, whiplash

* Hip or pelvis pain

* Shoulder problems

* Stress related conditions

... and much more!

Naturally there are no hidden obligations or costs in connection with your visit.

I will simply give you the opportunity to

try a consultation at a very good price and im sure that you will receive a

fantastic experience and hope myself that you

will continue to visit me :)​


​Take the first step towards a daily life without trouble!

If you have gotton to the point where enough is enough, I want to help.

If you're reading this, you are the people I want to work with.




If you would like to talk to me first,

please complete the form below with your questions

and I will contact you.

100% confidentiality is our priority




I have only a few places left in the month for this offer for first come first served.


Click on the button below and save your place before they run out!







Limhamn Pilates, Hyllie Sportcenter, Bollspelsvägen 3, 21625 Malmö

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