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We are a unique Pilates studio that has at the heart of it's mission to support you to reach your goals with our results orientated Pilates Training

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Customer References

"I have had chronic back and hip pain for years, and upon 2 sessions of pilates I was pain free!"

Fantastic! I spent years in my youth playing competitive, high impact sports. Now I am suffering the consequences! I have had chronic back and hip pain for years, and upon 2 sessions of pilates with Faith, I was pain free! I'm now a forever believer.


"I have more flexibility, my back is no longer round, and my posture has improved"

After discovering Pilates classes with Faith, I can honestly say it has been absolutely fantastic to see and feel the changes to my posture, and the overall feeling in my back. I have been suffering from regular backaches and occasional headaches, due to having short chest muscles, and a lack of mobility in my spine. With Faiths precise training, that has all changed for the better. I have more flexibility, my back is no longer round, and my posture has improved. The breathing exercises have been great for my mind and soul. Thumbs up for Faith. Can’t wait to start again next week.


"My body feels completely changed, No pain, flat stomach and good posture"

I was advised by an acquaintance to try pilates with Faith. This was about 1 year after the birth of my second child and I was weak, had bad posture, aches here and there and thought I would never have a flat stomach again. During the first training sessions with Faith, she calmly and methodically went through various exercises with me and I never had any training pains, but felt fine. She has a sharp eye and sees one's body and what it needs. Now I have been training for about 8 months and my body feels completely changed. No pain, flat stomach and good posture. I will never stop doing pilates, it is gentle and incredibly strengthening exercise. I have trained both in the studio and online with Faith and it has worked great. Can only recommend this studio!


"I can start to run again after 20 years of tendonitis."

I have great faith in Pilates.

Many thanks to Faith and her work.

She is exceptionally knowledgeable in knowing where and what type of strength training I need. She is very good - even in group classes - above all at working to adapt the class to the individual needs of the participants. Because of Faith, I have been able to start running again, after 20 years of tendinitis.

Thank you so much for all you do!


"I can feel that I am stronger  and my posture is much better"

"Since I started Pilates I have observed great differences with my body. Faith has a wonderful approach, she sees the potential in me, motivates to realize my potential and takes care of my well-being at the same time. I can feel that I am stronger now and my posture improved a lot. Thank you Faith for all your support."


 "I discovered my body in a new way and feel stronger already after 2 months"

Faith is an excellent Pilates coach with a lot of patience and passion! I like her approach - to listen to your body and do what feels best for you - which can really vary from day to day. Thanks to Faith, I have discovered my body in a new way and feel stronger already after 2 months. I can highly recommend Pilates with Faith.




Hi I'm Faith
 I struggled with back pain for 10 years until I learned that pain is affected by physical exercise as well as other factors such as stress, mental health and sleep. I have developed a special program to help people identify and address the things that contribute to their pain - and help them live pain free again. 

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Find Us:

Hyllie Sportcenter  is a short 5-10 minute walk from Hyllie train station & Emporia.

Busses 8, 34, 1 och 6 stop a short walk from the Sportcenter.

Parking places are available outside. We are a  5-10 minute drive from Malmö city by car.

Our Studio

@ Hyllie Sportcentre

Bollspelsvägen 3

Hyllie, Malmö Sweden


0737 526000

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