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Pilates reformers were designed by Joseph Pilates himself and date back to the 1920s and consist of a bed with up to 5 springs, a sliding mat, ropes and pulleys.

The springs provide a resistance and the number of active springs can be varied to adapt to the person's abilities, the exercise and the muscles being worked. This makes it an incredibly versatile tool to be used in training or rehab.

The reformer can be used at high intensity as a sport-specific cross training tool. The extra resistance from the springs adds a special intensity required for training athletes. Reformer Pilates works with core stabilisation, which is necessary for every athlete, but also muscle endurance, joint stability, muscle strength, balance and coordination.


On the other side of the spectrum, Reformer Pilates is used for rehab purposes, as it allows the client to train in horizontal movements, offering lighter resistance than their own body weight. This significantly reduces the risk of other injuries and speeds up recovery through controlled movements.

The exercises performed on the Reformer typically work muscles through a wide range of motion which is perfect for building and toning muscles as well as increasing joint stability. The reformer is also very effective for balance.

At Limhamn Pilates we use the classic design of the Joseph Pilates reformer, which is made of wood, metal and leather, which is not only in line with our philosophy, but also a wonderfully natural and nostalgic detail that makes the machine seem less intimidating.

We reserve our Reformer's for our Duo & PT customers as we find 1:1 guidance brings you the fastest most progressive results

Why not find a Duo partner and lets get you Reformer strong.

Try a Reformer PT today and feel your instant power return in mind and body!

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