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You will learn the basics of Pilates Reformer training to build strength & Stavbility

  • Startar 9 sep.
  • 1 999 svenska kronor
  • Limhamn Studio

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Beskrivning av tjänsten

Have you been considering Pilates for a while ? Here is an opportunity to try our Pilates for new beginner intro course. No previous experience needed. This is a course for the complete beginner with no prior experience, or those who prefer a slower start to the basic exercises For every-body whether you are stiff and un flexible or suffering from mild aches and pains. Faith will guide you at a slower pace through the beginner exercising which can be good to help you to relax, reduce stress and improve posture during daily activities. You will learn the basics of Pilates and will be guided through various positions to increase mobility as well as stabilise and strengthen the body. You will learn to move in all directions from a strong centre. Pilates is a good complement to other exercise and can reduce stress and tension and relax you.

Kommande sessioner


Your booking is binding for 8 classes. If one week you are unable to make the class, please contact us and lets find you another class the same week.


  • Linnégatan 65D, Limhamn, Sweden


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