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Great self-care for mums with our enhanced mind-body awareness of this “new” post-baby body

  • Startade 15 feb.
  • 2 400 svenska kronor
  • Hyllie Sportcenter

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Beskrivning av tjänsten

Great self-care for mums with our enhanced mind-body awareness of this “new” post-baby body. My little baby girl is born, my huge belly gone, the 6-week postpartum checkup with the midwife done, now it's time to start working on my body again. Are you in the same situation? Then join me in my upcoming postpartum Pilates course "Pilates for strong mums“   Being a mum can be hard and challenging. Its a 24/7 full time job with little sleep and often physically and mentally demanding. After 9 months of pregnancy and giving birth our pelvic floor might feel weak and our core muscles not existing anymore. Maybe we feel uncomfortable in this postpartum body, which is new and strange to us. ​Pilates is a great way of self-care mums can do. It focuses on a total-body alignment, a better posture and an enhanced mind-body awareness of this “new” post-baby body. Pilates with its deep and conscious breathing helps to oxygenate both the muscles and the brain and so increases mental clarity and patience. The boost in circulation we can get from engaging in Pilates movement energises our body from head to toe, something that proves especially helpful for sleep-deprived parents.   This Postpartum Pilates course lasts 8 weeks and is specifically designed for the postpartum body. We work on our pelvic floor and gently rebuild our core muscles. ​We try to reduce the abdominal gap and strengthen our upper and lower back to prevent back pains, shoulder tightness and neck tensions. The aim is to return to our pre-pregnancy body or make it even stronger. Stretching and breathing exercises and exercises of a better mobility completes the program.   We at Limhamn Pilates work in small semi-private groups to provide our clients the best attention possible. This course also includes a weekly set of exercises to practise at home. And join our "Postnatal - Strong mums- Wix Space“ to communicate and exchange with other mums and receive feedback, tips and motivational boosts.  Please, be aware that this course is meant for mummies only. We will be supporting you with the Pilates Ball, the Magic Circle and the Pilates Tower. Let's be honest, sometimes it's good and necessary to focus on ourselves only and forget about the duties of a mum. Pre-requisite: It is expected that you have checked in with your midwife before you join the course!

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Please ensure you read all course terms and conditions prior to purchase. Your purchase is your agreement to our terms. We do not offer refunds or transfers.


  • Hyllie Sportcenter, Bollspelsvägen, Malmö, Sweden


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