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FINDING MY VOICE: What it’s like to be responsible for a professional pilates studio Faith Clements

How do I then communicate the huge personal value that Pilates training and teaching has had on my life and that if you committ to training with me at Limhamn Pilates you too can feel awesome ? Not an easy task – so I share my story and my vision and I hope I can inspire you too.

It’s really important to me that I can help a person feel safe and seen in our classes both groups and private sessions. This I have noticed can spark a real fire inside a person who just gets the fact that when they themselves take the responsibility for their health they GET THE REWARDS all the way. It makes me so happy to see people get happy after a class and then arrive for the next class with a huge smile on their face.

Most people have a picture of Pilates as being a training method that uses a HUGE plastic ball – This picture is quite far removed from the CLASSIC PILATES METHOD of equipment training that I study and teach.

The CLASSIC PILATES method of training that I teach is an inclusive method which is like a manual for the body. As instructors we are trained to assess the individual’s movement patterns and provide the most appropriate training to help the individual body (and mind) and this can look different on different days.

Even when I am out walking the dog I notice patterns in movement and make a quick assessment of how I could help this or that body – it gets really fun 

I love to work with all ‘bodies’ but in particular the beginner, because to me that’s the most important level of awareness to teach – the basics – the foundation. Once a really strong foundation is set the sky is the limit in terms of movement and life.

I feel very proud when I observe my beginners a few weeks or months into their training – you can most definitely see I have trained them because they move well and look strong – and they smile a lot before and after class ;) I think my mentors would be really proud 

Being someone who had a noted ‘sinister scoliosis’ on my MRI scans, and various degeneration on almost every level in my spine – the scoliosis by the way, I only understood recently was the key… ahhh. I know what’s worked for me and allowed progressive lasting profound change and what has made insignificant change.

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