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Back paid away challenge Mum


I help women over 35 reduce back pain and get stronger 

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 Limhamn Pilates offers a unique approach - if you follow our success steps and don't overcome your back pain, you get to work with us for FREE!


With limited spaces available, register your interest now and start your journey to a pain-free life.

Successful Girl

6 Week Back Pain Away Challenge

Even if you've tried other treatments that have not given lasting results

  • Does your back pain stop you living life the way you want to ?

  • Are you a busy mum who lacks time for self care ?

  • Would you like to reduce back pain and enjoy the activities you love ?

  • Are you a woman over 35 ?

  • Would you like to feel stronger ?

  • Have more body freedom ?

  • And be more confident in your body ?

  • Do you want to end the struggle and feel lighter ?

If you answered yes to any/all of the above then this program can be very successful for you.

Return to your daily activities - walking, loading your groceries into the car, gardening, playing with your kids, biking, swimming, dancing ...








In 4 Weeks (28 days) you can expect to:

  • Overcome your back pain 

  • Consistently take time for self care

  • Improve energy

  • Feel stronger

  • Achieve body freedom

  • Enjoy activities again

  • Gain more confidence

  • Move freely

  • Achieve increased flexibility

  • Make special memories free of back pain







I have developed a comprehensive program for people with back pain. If you struggle with back pain and you've tried massage, chiropractic, stretching, physical therapy, yoga acupuncture without success.. I have the solution for you.
To successfully reduce back pain it's necessary to have a comprehensive approach that also includes the 3 pillars of:
  • Accountability
  • Motivational support 
  • Individual goal setting
If you have tried to significantly reduce your back pain before and failed, it's likely one of these very necessary three pillars was missing.
We will create individual strategies for you so you own your self care and can continue to manage a pain free life going forward. Chronic back pain does not need to remain your normal.
We keep you accountable and track your progress all the way.
If there are any day's you can't make it to the studio, we have thought of this and provide you will a personal home video to keep you progressing every day.

Our programme is unique, if you can answer our application form questions you can be considered for entry

Only 4 spaces available